About us

We have been manufacturing clothes since 1994. We have experience in production both at home and abroad. In addition to the production of sports jerseys and accessories, we produce leisurewear and sports accessories. The experience accumulated in the textile industry for 30 years is reflected in our production of sports jerseys.

We produce jerseys for you in the Czech Republic in the form of sublimation printing. We assemble the printed materials into a finished jersey at established and verified sewing workshops. We can thus guarantee their peak quality and short delivery times.

We specialize in the production of sportswear for sports teams and individuals according to individual specifications.

We offer a personal approach, precise processing of top quality materials and fast delivery.

We can also supply you with custom printing of textile material, we are here for you.

For a better overview of what we can do and who we produce for, please visit References.

This is how our production process works